A Lenten Retreat for UU Religious Professionals

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and out of ideas. And it’s still a long way to summer. What if there was a way to get your spark back? In this retreat for UU religious professionals, we can set down our anxieties, reawaken our imaginations, and unearth new creative ideas for spring worship (and beyond).

We will begin with a time of lamentation and deep listening, then move into activities to spark imagination, and conclude with a focus on creativity and worship.

Three retreat groups available to best fit your schedule
(one for UUMA members only, two for all UUMA/LREDA/AUUMM members)

Cost: $75-150 (sliding scale)

Best for East Coast and Early Birds (ALL)  REGISTER

February 26-27, 2021

Friday 7-9pm ET • Saturday 10-12am ET • Saturday 2-4pm ET
Friday 6-8pm CT • Saturday 9-11am CT • Saturday 1-3pm CT
Friday 5-7pm MT • Saturday 8-10am MT • Saturday 12-2pm MT
Friday 4-6pm PT • Saturday 7-9am PT • Saturday 11-1pm PT

Best for West Coast and Night Owls (ALL)  REGISTER

March 5-6, 2021

Friday 10-midnight ET • Saturday noon-2pm ET • Saturday 4-6pm ET
Friday 9-11pm CT • Saturday 11-1pm CT • Saturday 3-5pm CT
Friday 8-10pm MT • Saturday 10-noon MT • Saturday 2-4pm MT
Friday 7-9pm PT • Saturday 9-11am PT • Saturday 1-3pm PT

Best for Those Who Can’t Do Weekends (UUMA ONLY)   REGISTER

March 9-11, 2021

Tuesday 4-6pm ET • Wednesday 4-6pm ET • Thursday 4-6pm ET
Tuesday 3-5pm CT • Wednesday 3-5pm CT • Thursday 3-5pm CT
Tuesday 2-4pm MT • Wednesday 2-4pm MT • Thursday 2-4pm MT
Tuesday 1-3pm PT • Wednesday 1-3pm PT • Thursday 1-3pm PT

Currently booking November 2021 – May 2022

Please see the grids below for available dates in your time zone; please contact me to book a Sunday with your congregation. (If you are outside the continental US or Canada, please contact me about availability!)

Eastern/Central Time Availability
(VIrtuAL anywhere; IN PERSON within 150 miles of DC Metro)

Nov ’21Dec ’21Jan ’22Feb ’22Mar ’22Apr ’22May ’22
12/121/9 4/105/8
12/191/162/203/20 5/15
11/28 12/261/232/273/274/245/22

Mountain/Pacific/Alaska Time Availability (VIRTUAL only)

Nov ’21Dec ’21Jan ’22Feb ’22Mar ’22Apr ’22May ’22
11/21 12/191/162/203/204/175/15
11/28 1/232/273/274/245/22


As promised, our first Salon! 

This season, we’ll be alternating between interviews – where I talk to folks thinking deeply about worship – and salons, where previous guests join for roundtable discussion. The conversations will feature various folks in various combination, but will always be lively and interesting.

This week’s salon features the Reverends Gretchen Haley and Madelyn Campbell. We talked about ministerial authority in our sermons, who’s worship for, and how we make space for everyone; we begin with a conversation about how our services begin.


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Season Two Starts Now! 

My guests this week are Laura Weiss and Sarah Jebian, music directors, performers, and amazing co-conspirators. Their album, “Not Your Mama’s Hymns” is taking the UU world by storm. We talk about worship, collaboration, hymnody, and big versus small worship.



Their project – notyourmamashymns.com



Sarah Jebian is the Director of Music at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville and is a proud member of the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM), where she serves on the Conference Planning Committee and as Secretary of the Board of Trustees. In addition to her performing career, Sarah is a recording artist, theater director, producer, choreographer, and voice teacher. Her debut album, Love Songs & Lullabies was released in April of 2012.  Sarah is a soloist at many DC Metro area churches and is the lead singer of Keltish (Irish band).

Laura Weiss  is the Director of Music and Arts and Worship Coordinator for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax and the Band Director for the 2019 UU General Assembly in Spokane, Washington. She has served as Music Minister for South Church, UCC in Andover, MA, was the Interim Director of Music & the Organist at St. Albans on the campus of the Washington D.C. National Cathedral, served as Director of Music for St. Cyprian’s Episcopal in Boston, MA, and she holds a Masters Degree in Education from the Center for Creative Teaching and a Bachelors in Music.  She is a former K-12 faculty member of the Andover Public Schools and Lynn Public Schools where she served as instructor for The Boston Music Center, The Kittredge School of North Andover, Musical Theater Director for the SMARTS Collaborative on the South Shore and piano instructor for Bennington College.  



This summer, some of my favorite Unitarian Universalists answer one of the Five Questions for your enjoyment! This week, my guest is the Rev. Sofia Betancourt, who – among many other amazing things – is the Assistant Professor of Unitarian Universalist Theologies and Ethics at Starr King School for the Ministry.

The new season starts September 12th!


Bridging the gaps from generation to generation in our congregations is a challenge we constantly face, and just when we think we get a handle on it all, a new generation shows us we need to bridge again.

First, we will examine the interplay of the three core elements of generational theory as defined by William Strauss and Neil Howe: generational types, life stages, and historical cycles. We will hold for each other the question of where we are generationally as a denomination that is being called to respond to the cycle we are in now.

Then we will explore our own generational perspectives on ministry and congregational life, and through breakout groups and case studies explore changing generational dynamics affect our pastoral care, religious education, leadership, and stewardship.

Great for professionals and lay leaders

5-content hours for workshop or retreat

Online or in person

UUA/UUMA standard fees apply

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