Getting Your Spark Back: Reinvigorating Your Creativity and Passion for Worship

A Lenten Retreat for UU Religious Professionals

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and out of ideas. And it’s still a long way to summer. What if there was a way to get your spark back? In this retreat for UU religious professionals, we can set down our anxieties, reawaken our imaginations, and unearth new creative ideas for spring worship (and beyond).

We will begin with a time of lamentation and deep listening, then move into activities to spark imagination, and conclude with a focus on creativity and worship.

Three retreat groups available to best fit your schedule
(one for UUMA members only, two for all UUMA/LREDA/AUUMM members)

Cost: $75-150 (sliding scale)

Best for East Coast and Early Birds (ALL)  REGISTER

February 26-27, 2021

Friday 7-9pm ET • Saturday 10-12am ET • Saturday 2-4pm ET
Friday 6-8pm CT • Saturday 9-11am CT • Saturday 1-3pm CT
Friday 5-7pm MT • Saturday 8-10am MT • Saturday 12-2pm MT
Friday 4-6pm PT • Saturday 7-9am PT • Saturday 11-1pm PT

Best for West Coast and Night Owls (ALL)  REGISTER

March 5-6, 2021

Friday 10-midnight ET • Saturday noon-2pm ET • Saturday 4-6pm ET
Friday 9-11pm CT • Saturday 11-1pm CT • Saturday 3-5pm CT
Friday 8-10pm MT • Saturday 10-noon MT • Saturday 2-4pm MT
Friday 7-9pm PT • Saturday 9-11am PT • Saturday 1-3pm PT

Best for Those Who Can’t Do Weekends (UUMA ONLY)   REGISTER

March 9-11, 2021

Tuesday 4-6pm ET • Wednesday 4-6pm ET • Thursday 4-6pm ET
Tuesday 3-5pm CT • Wednesday 3-5pm CT • Thursday 3-5pm CT
Tuesday 2-4pm MT • Wednesday 2-4pm MT • Thursday 2-4pm MT
Tuesday 1-3pm PT • Wednesday 1-3pm PT • Thursday 1-3pm PT