Speaking Engagements

Invite me to speak at your event, conference, regional assembly, or Sunday service. Topics are wide ranging and include

  • art, music, creativity, and meaning
  • Unitarian Universalist theology
  • Unitarian Universalist history
  • our Principles and Sources
  • reclaiming our religious pasts
  • covenant and community
  • wholeness and healing
  • atonement and redemption
  • spiritual practice, growth, and deepening
  • mission-driven stewardship
  • generational dynamics in our congregations
  • feminism and dismantling misogyny
  • the call of our faith

I am happy to tailor my remarks for your specific event, injecting creativity and vibrancy to engage and enthrall your audience or congregation.

Contact me about your event, keynote, or Sunday morning needs.

Enjoy a Sampling

How Not to Be a Boy

More and more of us are asking what we can do to address misogyny and sexism in our families and faith communities so that we can better address misogyny and sexism in our culture. In this service, we’ll examine the patriarchal messages we send our children that chip away at the inherent worth and dignity of all.

Be Subject to One Another

In these tumultuous times, it is easy to be unkind to those we disagree with. Yet there is a prophetic as well as a pastoral value to kindness, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness – we’ll explore how our principles and sources call us to treat others.


Sometimes, when our ideas, beliefs, and perspectives seem stuck, it’s helpful to take them apart, mix them up, and see what comes out. Let’s see what happens when we do this with our principles.

The Courage to Covenant

As a covenantal faith, Unitarian Universalists make nice, friendly agreements to be with each other in community. But what happens when covenant breaks? What does it mean to have the courage to return to the table, “though we’ve broken our vows a thousand times” to marginalized communities within and beyond our walls?

Holy, Holey, Wholly

Our Universalist theology says we are innately whole. What does it mean to be whole? Can we achieve wholeness? Why is wholeness often our deepest desire? And what do we do in our brokenness?

See the Whole Board

Are you looking at the forest or the trees?  Is the devil really in the details?  What’s the big picture?  We’ll examine the role our perspective plays in how we understand current events, history, belief, and the nature of the divine