Worship Consultation

In between pastoral care, board meetings, governance issues, protests and public witness, fixing copiers and toilets, and everything else that comes your way in the congregation, you are still expected to produce great worship. I know it’s not easy sometimes – especially when you want to be creative but don’t have a staff, or the energy, or the knowledge.

Let me help you ease the burden. Whether you serve a large, midsize, small, or tiny congregation, I can help you find good solutions for this week’s service or longer-term worship enhancements. Put my years of experience in the performing arts, along with professional expertise in Unitarian Universalist worship, liturgy, and the arts to work for you.

I make worship easy. I am the worship whisperer.



Hymn Help
$20 per consultation    ADD TO CART

Looking for just the right hymn and can’t find it? Wondering if a hymn is easy to learn? Getting lost in the hymnals? Contact me on Facebook Messenger or email for guidance and suggestions.

Service Coaching
$135 per 1-hour session   ADD TO CART

Schedule a one-hour session when your service needs an injection of creativity… when you need someone to work through ideas with… when your sermon is almost there or nowhere… when you need a fresh eye… when you need a bit of coaching to tune up your worship skills.

Church Year Planning Session
$375 per 3-hour session   ADD TO CART

Whether you plan your worship year in February, or June, or August, I can help you with fresh ideas for innovative, creative, and meaningful worship experiences to develop with your own team. Learn more here.

Saturday Sermon Panic Call
$80/half hour    ADD TO CART

It happens. The week was extremely busy and you never got the planning time you hoped for. Or you’ve been wrestling with ideas all week long, but when you sit down to write, the well is dry. Or you wrote your heart out and you hate the sermon. I can connect with you on Saturdays (9am-5pm ET as available), with as little as 30 minutes prior notice.

Brief Consultation
$75 per 30-minute session ADD TO CART

General Consultation
$135 per 60-minute session ADD TO CART

Extended Consultation
$260 per 2-hour session ADD TO CART

Packages and Subscriptions

$20 per month ADD TO CART

Includes monthly Worship Collaborative Webinar and one monthly Hymn Help consultation

$45 per month ADD TO CART

Includes monthly Worship Collaborative Webinar, two monthly Hymn Help consultations, and one church year worship planning session

$100 per month ADD TO CART

Includes monthly Worship Collaborative Webinar, weekly Hymn Help consultations, one monthly 1-hour coaching session, and one church year worship planning session

$500 one-time purchase for six months ADD TO CART

Includes monthly Worship Collaborative Webinar, weekly Hymn Help and Saturday Sermon Panic consultations, and one monthly 1-hour coaching session


No-Appointment Consultations

Have I helped you via email/Facebook/other conversation that we didn’t set an appointment for? Choose this option to compensate me for my time.