“Life beats down and crushes the soul …
and art reminds you that you have one.”
— Stella Adler

The Art of Meaning is a ministry devoted to the idea that it is through creativity, inspiration, and beauty that we connect to our selves, to one another, and to Mystery and meaning. I work with religious professionals and lay leaders to support day-to-day worship planning, as well as tailoring consultations, workshops, and retreats to your needs. Let me inspire you to become more artful and art-filled in your worship, your congregational life, your leadership and stewardship, and your public witness.

— Rev. Kimberley Debus

Several times while planning worship, I’ve contacted Kimberley directly with a question about a hymn and she has always provided the needed information or a suggestion for alternate hymns or better ways of singing the hymn in question.  Her knowledge, skill, and sense of artistry and worship serve her well— and those lucky enough to have her as a resource.

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

Kimberley provides an indispensable service for ministers, especially when we’ve had one of those weeks, and we find ourselves on Friday or Saturday night trying to pull together the disparate strands of our only partially thought out worship experience. We’ve all been there at least once. Kimberley can take those strands and quickly and thoughtfully weave something beautiful. Knowing you’ve got that kind of back up in your corner eases the pressure in those challenging moments.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi