Looking for just the right thing to inspire your congregation? Hoping for experiences that bring meaning and energy? Longing for depth and breadth in creative professional development opportunities?  

I offer workshops, trainings, and retreats customized for your setting and your goals.

You can find a selection of past workshops I’ve led below, or you can contact me to discuss your unique needs and how I might be able to meet them

Looking to deepen your congregation’s worship skills?

Consider a Worship Team Start Up, Worship Tune Up, or Worship for the Next Generation.

Looking to deepen your spiritual experiences and healing through the arts?

Consider Habits of the Heart, The Creative Shift, or The Art-full Being.

Looking for creative ways of thinking about who we are and whose we are?

Consider Talkin’ ‘Bout the Generations, The Artful Congregation, or Welcoming Worship.

We can also do vision/mission work, or board and leadership retreats.

Let’s begin the conversation!

Contact me here.