S01E10 – Christian Schmidt and the One Hour a Week


Sorry for the one-day delay, folks! Life happens and time is not constant, so there it is. And here it is.

Fortunately, I think the wait is worth it, because my guest is my friend Christian Schmidt, a great minister, a good friend, and a really insightful guy – even if he did call something “very unique.” In this podcast, we talked about co-ministry, sermon length, the festival of homiletics, his love of James Luther Adams, and language choices. 


Links Referenced:

“Revenge” by Elisa Chavez

The Essential James Luther Adams

Festival of Homiletics



The Rev. Christian Schmidt is, with his wife Kristin, one of the senior co-ministers of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, and lives in nearby Pinole, CA. He’s a father, husband, native Texan, singer, football fan, and devotee of barbecue, not necessarily in that order. He’s convinced it’s better to preach for 15 minutes than 25, and nothing you can say will change his mind on this. This is his first-ever appearance on a podcast.