S01E09 – Joanna Fontaine Crawford and the Whole Church


I imagine Meg Riley beams any time two of her former fellows do something together – so get ready, Meg, because two of us have conspired and the result is today’s podcast!

My guest is the Reverend Joanna Fontaine Crawford, who serves Live Oak UU Church in Cedar Park (a suburb in North Austin, Texas.  We talked about technology and what we learned as fellows with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, verboten words and growing up with Unitarian parents.

Last fall, Joanna wrote about the way Live Oak does “whole church worship” at her blog, Boots and Blessings, and we talked a lot about what that looks like in practice.



Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford is a second-generation UU and a seventh generation Texan, a Venn Diagram not often seen. The church she serves, Live Oak UU Church in Cedar Park (a suburb in North Austin) has taken the hashtag #ThatKindOfChurch as their motto, and they’re that kind of church that has children in the entire service at every service, with children and youth often leading hymns, doing readings, and other liturgical elements (as well as spontaneous dancing in the aisles). She and her spouse Tom have four children, but she realizes there may be more effective ways to grow Unitarian Universalism.