Hymn by Hymn Event: Sing with Kimberley at General Assembly!

While I know there are readers who are not Unitarian Universalists, most of you are.

And of that group, some of you will be attending General Assembly in New Orleans this June.

And of that group, some of you don’t mind getting up early for something cool, especially if it’s just for one morning.

And of that group, seven of you will get to be my guest one morning during Ministry Days and General Assembly for breakfast, singing, and conversation.

We’ll share a meal, sing the hymn of the day (as best we can), discuss the hymn and maybe a few other things. Then – with your permission – I will include highlights from our conversation in the post.

If this sounds interesting to you, then fill out the contact form below. Since many breakfast meetings/events get scheduled in late May/early June, I will pick winners and set dates on June 10th. However, it will help if you can indicate which dates you already know you can/can’t attend. And if you aren’t a morning person and still want to connect, let me know and we’ll try to work something out.

Hope to sing with some of you in person!


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