The Unexpected Hiatus and a New Project

Somehow, this blog was forgotten in the fray. I stopped blogging about anything –  theology, art, justice – because life had gotten the better of me. It was all I could do to write sermons and newsletter articles.

Perhaps this was my downfall – I feel best when I write. But I let a million excuses – busy-ness, trauma, a surprising dislike for the WordPress theme I’d fallen in love with – get in the way. I couldn’t figure out what to write when I’d poured out so much into sermons and the only words I felt were left were unpublishable words of frustration, shame, anger, and fear. Probably a lack of imagination on my part. Certainly a lack of commitment.

But now I’m going to blog again.

This time – much like my Year of Jubilee – with a sense of purpose. I will be going through the UUA’s two hymnals – a hymn a day, reflecting on the lyrics, melodies, and meaning. It will, of course, get a little weird, when I start doing the Christmas carols in springtime, or when I go through the many lyric options for Old Hundredth. But it’ll be interesting – Hymn By Hymn will start tomorrow, on my 52nd birthday – with the first notes of STLT #1, May Nothing Evil Cross This Door, and end on the final, joyful notes of STJ #1074, Turn the World Around.

And in between, I hope the daily hymn blogging will lead to other blogging – not just posting sermons but reflecting on theology, art, justice – all the things these Notes from the Far Fringe have sought to explore.

Hiatus over. Let’s get to work.