Sundry and Various

No real reason for this post, except that I haven’t written in a while and I don’t like to leave my imaginary readers hanging. Just some random thoughts…

Speaking in Albany

I made the mistake of suggesting a topic I wasn’t very interested in when Sam Trumbore and I talked about my speaking in Albany this summer. “Well…I guess that’s around the summer solstice” I mused. “That would be perfect!” Sam exclaimed.

Summer solstice? Oy. I have no idea where I’m going to go with this topic. I do know, however, there have to be lessons in there somewhere… so much to  muse about.

CRUUNY Joint Service

I love love LOVE putting together big ritual! Year three, and I think I have my arms around it pretty well. I realized today, however, that my replacement will have to have theater background, as a service of this scale is as much theater as worship. Staging, choreography, music, lights, sound, set. Is it any wonder one came out of the other?

I know that wherever my ministry takes me, my ability to do worship will help, and maybe shine.

Missing Erik

It’s been a while since Erik and I spoke… he missed our spiritual direction appointment in early May, and I can’t seem to connect with him via email or phone. I hope he’s all right.