A Prayer for Labor Day

Oh divine spirit,
     You who bless us with the gifts of love and compassion, tears and laughter,
    You who shows us beauty and truth in all that is seen and unseen,
We thank you for the gift of work.

You have given us the desire, nay, the need, to act –
    To grow plants and animals that provide sustenance and beauty.
    To make buildings, blankets, clothing, books, cars, trains – objects big and small that make our life possible and enjoyable.
    To fix broken objects, broken bodies, broken hearts, to set right what has gone wrong.
    To create music and sculpture and dance and poetry to give voice to our spirit.
    To think deep and creative and innovative thoughts that change our minds and change our world.

We are driven to work – not for a paycheck, but because work feeds our souls.

Oh divine spirit,
We thank you for the gift of work… for work demands we not just exist in this world,
    but that we become part of this world,
    that we dive in deep,
    and take big bites,
    and find meaning through action,
    and immerse ourselves in all that it means to be human.

Oh divine spirit,
We thank you for the precious gift of work.