Worship Year Planning Sessions

church year planning - quick hit

Whether you’re just starting out or well seasoned, a worship year planning session will help you focus on the year ahead, inject some new ideas, and develop a creative and aesthetic plan.

Each three-hour session is tailored to your particular context, themes, and style. We’ll talk about how you’re approaching multi-platform worship, consider the opportunities and limitations of your music and faith development programs, your physical and energetic spaces, current challenges, and your vision for the year to come.

“My worship planning session with Kimberley elevated the entire church year. We wove themes through the topics, enhanced worship with seasonal aesthetics (that were doable with the amount of time and budget available to a solo minister in a small church), and even chose special pieces of music for the congregation and choir to sing.

“Kimberley helped me make connections that the congregation has noticed and appreciated. I am eagerly anticipating my next planning session.”

— Michael Tino

“As a new minister, and someone who started their ministry completely on zoom because of the pandemic, I have felt lost at times trying to plan worship, not really knowing my congregation well, not knowing how to have something fresh and meaningful to say week after week. In my sessions with Kimberley I felt cared for pastorally and supported as a colleague. And instead of feeling lost, uncertain, and stressed about what I will preach each week, I go into the week with a starting point and confidence that I will be able to write something meaningful. I honestly want to do this consultation every church year.”

— Jaimie Dingus

Cost: $450 for entire session (note: we may choose to split the session into two meetings, based on our growing intolerance of Zoom); an additional one-hour session may be scheduled as a follow up.

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