Rev. Michael Tino: “Kimberley has an exquisite aesthetic sense that she brings to bear on worship. This includes visual arts, hymns, choral music, and more. She can work with you to help you make your worship more beautiful, coherent, and creative. And you know those times when you know what you want to say in worship but dread cracking open the hymnal to find music that supports your message? I do. When I face those times, I rely on Kimberley’s expertise. She has not let me down.”

Emily DeTar Birt: “Kimberley is an incredible coach, both for creative worship and for systems and organizational perspective. I have had the pleasure of experiencing both in my development as a minister. Her keen eye, both for the art-filled trans formative experiences, and for organizational dynamics, makes for a wonderful partner serving the specific needs of your congregation and community.”

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg: “Several times while planning worship, I’ve contacted Kimberley directly with a question about a hymn and she has always provided the needed information or a suggestion for alternate hymns or better ways of singing the hymn in question.  Her knowledge, skill, and sense of artistry and worship serve her well— and those lucky enough to have her as a resource.”

Rev. Chip Roush: “She has good instincts, a good eye, and a spirit which makes her easy to work with.”

Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi: Kimberley provides an indispensable service for ministers, especially when we’ve had one of those weeks, and we find ourselves on Friday or Saturday night trying to pull together the disparate strands of our only partially thought out worship experience. We’ve all been there at least once. Kimberley can take those strands and quickly and thoughtfully weave something beautiful. Knowing you’ve got that kind of back up in your corner eases the pressure in those challenging moments.

Rev. Karen G. Johnston: Kimberley provided a workshop and led worship focusing on generational theory, helping us to explore leadership development and congregational life in the 21st century. I have not experienced our leadership as energized as after this. Many expressed how helpful the content was to them not only as congregational leaders, but in their professional lives as well. We are pleased with having engaged her.