Artful Worship

At its heart, worship is about making worth. It is about practicing what it means to be in beloved community. It is about learning how to strengthen our values and principles and beliefs. It is about learning how to be our best selves authentically, and to best be our authentic selves. It is about learning how to be with each other and for each other. It is about connecting to the Mystery within ourselves and beyond ourselves. It is about being transformed, being inspired, and being compelled to draw the circle of love ever wider.

worship (1024x681)So if worship is this important, why do we allow it to be disorganized, uninspired, interrupted, and stagnant?

What if we took care with our worship? We have one hour each week out of 168 to make worth, together, as a community. What if we approached it as if it matters? These workshops and consultations will help build good worship teams and deepen creativity in worship that will inspire and awaken.


Worship Team Start-Up

Do you need a worship team? Did you have one that faltered and want to start one again? Consider this four-part program, which includes assessments, training, and mentorship.

Worship Tune Up

Even the tightest-running worship team needs a tune up – some new ideas, some reminders, some reconnections. In this workshop, we’ll highlight what’s working, fix what may have slipped, and engage some new ideas to boost your worship.

Making Space

An assessment of your physical space, with tips for better aesthetics, useability, and flow.

Welcoming Worship

Unitarian Universalists are called to draw the circle of welcome ever wider, knowing (as UUA president Susan Frederick-Gray has said) “No one is outside the circle of love.” But how welcoming is our worship to people of color? Together, we will examine the presumptions of sameness our very Protestant worship makes and how to decenter whiteness in the precious hour we spend together each week.

Creating Big Worship

Most of us create weekly worship for a few hundred, or less, worshippers. Yet there are often opportunities to create worship on a larger scale. We’ll explore what it takes to create large scale worship for your cluster, district, synod, region, or national gatherings


Worship for the Next Generation

Just when congregations think they’ve got a handle on what will attract youth, the youth grow up and another batch, with different needs, shows up. We’ll talk about what the current generation may be seeking, and more importantly, how to be more agile and flexible in worship.