Artful Spirituality

spirituality (765x1024)Process theology suggests that just as God is both creator and creating, we too are both a part of creation and are creators – and the moments of creation are the true reality. In other words, we are all artists.

Engaging in the creation of art – whatever form it takes – deepens our connection to the creative instinct, and helps get our creative selves energized to tackle other tasks, whether it be caring for an aging parent, or volunteering for a service organization, or teaching young minds, or dismantling racism, or resisting hate, or reversing the effects of climate change.

The offerings below are designed to help discover a new connection to that part of ourselves that reminds us we are incredibly human – and deeply connected to the divine and to each other.


The Art of Meaning

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” Together, we’ll explore what it means to live a life filled with art and tap into art’s power to lead us to truth, possibility, and compassion.

The Art-full Religious Professional

Refresh your spirit and your soul! One, two, or three day retreats will be filled with creative worship, space to learn and make art, and art-full meditations.

From the Familiar to the Fantastic: Musical Theater as Biblical Interpretation

What happens when familiar stories of the Bible meet familiar Broadway tunes? We’ll look at some new and refreshing interpretations through the workhorses of musical theater.

Habits of the (he)Art

Explore the power of artistic and creative spiritual practices, and how to integrate them into your daily life.

The Sacred in the Profane

It has been suggested by some that our species should not be known as “homo sapiens” but rather as “homo religious” – that even those who identify as atheist have a compulsion toward the religious. Nowhere is that more evident than in film and tv, those seemingly secular shows and movies we love (and love to hate). Together, we’ll look at a few places where the sacred crops up in our secular entertainment and consider the questions that arise.

A Thousand Words

We are people of the Word – and people of the Words. Yet language is not the only form through which we worship. In this workshop, we’ll explore the power of visual, tactile, and auditory arts to deepen and expand our spiritual experiences.