Artful Congregations

congregations (1024x683)We are creatures of habit. We sit in the same seats every Sunday, we talk to the same people in coffee hour, we go to the same committee meetings with the same people, we think of the same solutions to our changing problems. We get stuck in a rut.

Yet our times require us to think in new, creative ways about how we operate, what we offer in our programming, and even how we look.

These offerings for artful congregations will help you get out of old habits in favor of something creative and regenerative.

Offerings for Artful Congregations

The Artful Congregation

It’s rare to find a congregation that doesn’t love the arts, but it’s often those same art-loving congregations that have no meaningful art inside their walls. This ongoing consultation will help your congregation come alive with visual art, performances, classes, and art-inspired justice work.

The Creative Shift

Using music, improv, storytelling, and visual arts, we will engage the congregation/leaders in shifting their narratives/work processes/stories of crisis and trauma. This may result in a congregational art project (a mosaic, mural, quilt, etc.) or other solution. The work begins with a two-session consultation with the minister to understand the underlying issues and to begin planning a solution. Solutions may be as short as a service and talkback or as involved as a multi-part creative project.

Making Space

An assessment of your physical space, with tips for better aesthetics, usability, and flow.